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Yo(w) bro

Yesterday (actually it turned today before I published) when I wrote my post on the Dave Thomas YOW! Night I forgot to mention a funny thing:

Before he dug into the main bits Dave took the opportunity to advertise for the YOW!2010 conference(s) later this year, in Melbourne and Brisbane.

And there on the Big Speakers Slide, as one of the poster boys, together with Erik Meijer, Jim Webber, Rod Johnson and Guy Steele was my little big brother!

Young Erlang wizard

Ulf battling an early concurrency problem

I didn’t even know he was confirmed and I’m not even sure he knew. He had just briefly mentioned that it was a possibility. So I texted him and said -Hey, know what?…

Funny feeling that; seeing your brother in that setting. I mean, he is after all my brother. I know for a fact he’s not super human, whereas with the others I just have to believe them when they say they’re not…

Joking aside, I’m very proud of him, and also really glad he’s coming for a visit. Thanks for bringing him down here Dave :)

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