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Reemerging from the internal deep dive

The first post was easy. This one has taken me 861 days to write. It better be good right?!

So why then? Why do I try this again?

Let me spend this post exploring the metaphysics of blogging. A gazillion people have done this before me; there are twitterers(?) (rhetorically) asking Why use Twitter and bloggers stating 29 reasons to blog… There’s one thing missing from all these though: They are not my reasons! So here they are:

Why blog?

  • I love to write. Hopefully it will make me better at it.
  • Telling stories is interesting! No, not just interesting – it’s important!
  • I suffer from input overflow. I need to output some too.
  • I want to share. (It’s hereditary: Whenever my mom stumbles upon something interesting, she calls her nearest and dearest to share. It’s very sweet)
  • I want to learn. (Hopefully there will be insightful comments here in the future, readers to interact with, to learn from)
  • It’s a discipline. It disciplines me.
  • I get to collect and articulate my thoughts.

That’s it for now. I will probably, hopefully find other bullets to add as I go along.

These reasons are not applicable just for blogging. It applies just as well to intranet contributions, actively taking part in study groups, workshops, discussions etc. (…and of course, to a far lesser extent; tweets…)

Also, these important reasons for me to blog are all part of a two-fold mission of mine: To share, engage and interact with my “tribe“, AND to inspire (and maybe help) others around me to improve in the same areas.

Now, officially setting out on this voyage, I’m really excited about getting another chance to listen to Linda Rising this weekend, as she joins us for our (Miles‘ that is) biannual “internal technical workshop weekend” in Oslo. Now that’s a story teller…

  1. April 17th, 2009 at 13:11 | #1

    Hi Pär,

    Good luck with your renewed blogging effort :-)

    Looking forward to some great discussions & socializing this weekend!


  2. April 23rd, 2009 at 10:32 | #2

    Great news, Pär, I’ll be watching this space. Articulate away, I’ll be there to discipline you :-)


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